1. How long does the lashes last?

A. 3/4 weeks with proper care! Care instructions are given at the time of the appointment as well.

2. Do you go over other techs work?

A. No, I will not be responsible for infections. Every tech use different glue and brands of lashes.

3. What services is offered?

A. Eyelash extensions, facials, body sculpting, brows, detox.

4. How do I book?

A. Select the "bookings" tab above.

5. How long have you been lashing?

A. Since 2017

6. Where are you located?

A. Savannah, GA

7, How long does lashing take?

A. Typically one hour and fifteen minutes, but it also depends on how many lashes client has.

8. I have thin lashes, what do you recommend?

A. The mini russian is light weight. This is the best option for thin lashes for a full look.

9. Do I have to remove my makeup before the appointment?

A. I would prefer you wait one to two days after removing  before coming to an appointment. The oil residue will cause lashes to fall off within 24 hours.